Seven new European markets in 2022, more than 13 stable partnerships with leading organisations!


In its fifth year of existence, AVILOO has significantly expanded its network of business partners and extended its activities to seven European countries.

Partnerships with national automobile clubs and other relevant companies not only contribute to a better presentation of the product on the market and a wider distribution network, but also to improving the quality of the product itself.

The AVILOO commitment led to the expansion into 7 new markets in 2022, namely: Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In the above countries, long-term partnership agreements have been signed with all major car clubs such as Norsk Elbilforening, ANWB, ADAC, TÜV Süd, GTÜ, FDM, ACS, ACL etc.
In addition to the long-term stable cooperation with the ÖAMTC, the position in the Austrian home market was strengthened through cooperation with ARBÖ and EMC (Elektro Mobilitäts Club Österreich). The cooperation with strategic partners helps AVILOO to respond even better to market needs.

This is how the FLASH battery test was created, the world's first quick test to determine the functionality of a traction battery. "Organisations that need to test a large number of vehicles in a short time, as well as those that test non-driveable vehicles, needed an efficient and reliable solution. We had the idea to develop another product that complements the existing SoH test, as well as the AVILOO PREMIUM test. This synergy resulted in an excellent professional solution," said DI Nikolaus Mayerhofer, founder and CTO.

Strengthened and reorganised, the AVILOO team is looking forward to new business ventures planned for the next development phase.

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