AVILOO is a fast growing company, with many important achievements. AVILOO experts are happy to share with you their insights from the AVILOO Technology Center.

One of the most interesting projects is supporting the 4x4electric team...

Or: What does extended control mean for us and which elements of our work process are subject to which control system?



Seven new European markets in 2022, more than 13 stable partnerships with leading organisations!

AVILOO, the global leader in battery diagnostics, has responded by launching a rapid test as a B2B solution: the AVILOO FLASH Test, the fastest comprehensive battery test on the market.

In the absence of a precise SoH specification, the user has to ask himself three questions for the above SoH sources. Learn more...

Used electric cars must be completely re evaluated.

How is your battery aging and what can you do to slow the process?

What you need to know about the aging of the battery of an electric or hybrid car....

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