AVILOO is a fast growing company, with many important achievements. AVILOO experts are happy to share with you their insights from the AVILOO Technology Center.

How can a fire occur? What measures can be taken to counteract this problem?

AVILOO Battery Diagnostics has introduced significant innovations for business partners to make cooperation even more effective and customer-oriented.

We have never seen this before! During our daily work, we have investigated various cases. One electric vehicle that we tested in July 2023 stands out here and remains unforgotten!

Is the SoH shown on the vehicle display correct? Answering this question is not as easy as it seems. The relevant SoH of a battery strongly depends on the reliability of the data used for SoH calculation.

We have good news for all AVILOO product users! In recent software configuration changes, we have made significant improvements that will greatly enhance your user experience.

The AVILOO FLASH Test, the fastest comprehensive battery test in the world, has been officially certified by CARA Europe (Car Remarketing Association Europe).

In a new analysis, AVILOO confirms the assumptions of many electric car drivers: fast charging accelerates the aging of batteries - from the first fast charge onwards.

Myths and facts about the state of an EV battery: what you need to know.

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