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Within a few years, AVILOO has become the global innovation leader in TESTING, MONITORING and ANALYSIS of batteries in all application areas - automotive, public transport, marine, aerospace, as well as stationary, industrial, and residential applications.
Together with 30 employees we provide our BATTERY SERVICES - from the private owner of an electric car to the world leader in cell manufacturing!

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AVILOO battery data analysis at a glance

1. Engineering for each battery type

We decode and interpret data from batteries, whether they are in electric cars, on ships, in construction machinery or in stationary equipment - our engineering team decodes every current industry standard such as CANBUS and configures the unique, self-developed AVILOO Box for every application. We unlock every battery's secrets.

2. The AVILOO Box - connectivity for every need

With the AVILOO-Box we offer a unique high-tech solution for variable measurement data generation in stationary and mobile application areas, tailored to your needs and modularly applicable.

3. The AVILOO Battery Data Cloud - the heart of battery data analysis

The super-fast and user-friendly AVILOO Battery Data Cloud provides a customizable view of millions of collected data points with just a few clicks. This allows our experts to quickly and efficiently collect and interpret your battery application. For the experts among you, we are also happy to make all data available via an API. The AVILOO Battery Data Cloud includes all the algorithms we've developed, so you can rely on the results!

4. Battery data analysis with Big Data methods

The core of the battery data analysis is the AVILOO Estimator - a powerful machine learning algorithm powered by billions of collected data points that gets smarter and even more accurate with each data set. Data is processed and stored in real-time, secured to the highest standards, and redundant in the AVILOO Battery Data Cloud.

5. Objective and reliable results

Each result is automatically checked several times to the highest quality standards. If a result falls even minimally outside our precisely defined plausibility range, it is manually rechecked and validated by our AVILOO battery data experts. Thus, every AVILOO BATTERY CERTIFICATE is not only objective, transparent and accurate, but also 100% trustworthy.

AVILOO Algorithmus & Weiterentwicklung, Patrick Schabus MSc

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AVILOO Reverse Engineering, Ing. Lukas Gos

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360°-Ansatz - umfassend & vollständig, DI Nikolaus Mayerhofer, CTO

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