Noi di AVILOO siamo un gruppo variopinto, con diversi background e un unico obiettivo: affermare AVILOO come leader mondiale del mercato e dell'innovazione nell'analisi dei dati delle batterie! Il nostro team è composto da 30 AVILOO altamente motivati che perfezionano le soluzioni per batterie AVILOO con idee fresche, approcci innovativi, affascinanti conoscenze tecniche e assoluta attenzione al cliente.

La nostra grande squadra di sette paesi, con un totale di 35 piatti preferiti e sei lingue diverse, è una troupe dove, oltre alla professionalità, non manca mai l'umorismo.


Diventa un esperto di batterie AVILOO!


Partner e CEO/CFO, Amministratore delegato

"Il segreto per farsi strada è di iniziare." Mark Twain

+43 2236 374 036
Fondatore e CSO, Amministratore delegato

"Il successo non segue." Carsten K. Rath

+43 2236 374 036
Fondatore e CTO, Amministratore delegato

"Il successo dipende dal muto." Theodor Fontane

+43 2236 374 036

AVILOO soddisfatti!

"I enjoy the varied work in an international environment with great scope for initiative and independent work."

— Thomas Wagner
Sales Team

"It is exciting to be part of the company growth and to be able to contribute to it. We have already come a long way until the market launch. In our great team, everyone pulls together and that's why we will also master future challenges."

— Petra Rosenberger
Office Management Team

"A successful company is based on a strong team. In our team we have the best! Since we developed the first independent test procedure for Li-Ion batteries, we are not only setting the direction for the company's development, but for the entire industry. Truly priceless!"

— Radinka Danilov Sehovic
Marketing & Communication Team

"My work at AVILOO gives me the opportunity to realize myself and to drive our team and our company forward. I see the battery tests we develop and offer as a valuable contribution to a more sustainable and better future."

— Wolfgang Schönauer-Gustenau
Quality Management Team

"The work in AVILOO is incredibly diverse, the working atmosphere is fantastic and you are in contact with customers and partners from all over the world on a daily basis. From Ireland to South Korea and back via Australia, there will never be a lack of cultural diversity in AVILOO."

— Veljko Karadzic
Finance Team

"Working at AVILOO as a developer is extremely fun because you can let off steam in a very wide range of technologies depending on your interests and skills. The dynamic task planning and flexible time management make the work even more interesting and enjoyable."

— Thomas Pfeiffer
Firmware Team
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