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Fear of a dead EV battery: Can you continue driving when the display shows that SoC close to 0%?


One of the biggest uncertainties for existing and future EV drivers is the fear of being stranded on the road due to a dead battery.

AVILOO battery tests for electric vehicles open up a new era of diagnostics through benchmark analysis


Until now, battery tests have provided EV owners insight into the total condition of an electric vehicle's battery without providing a comparison with other vehicles.

Cooperation: Arval Germany works with AVILOO Battery Diagnostics


Thanks to the partnership with AVILOO Battery Diagnostics, the specialist for full-service leasing and new mobility solutions now offers prospective buyers more security when purchasing used electric vehicles

Innovation in the used car market: Manheim Express and AVILOO set new standards


Manheim Express, your trusted platform for online car auctions, is delighted to announce a ground-breaking partnership with AVILOO.

Used e-cars with safety: Hyundai cooperates with AVILOO


Full transparency when buying used electric cars: Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH has been cooperating with AVILOO GmbH since 1 May 2024.

How much range does comfortable indoor climate cost?


A new study by AVILOO has found that in extreme outdoor temperatures, heating and cooling the interior can have a significant impact on range and energy efficiency.

The FLASH Report PREVIEW: More Than Just a Look Ahead


To meet the customers' need and further promote the used electric car market, AVILOO Battery Diagnostics has developed a special feature for business customers...

Saving Electricity on the Road: The Key Role of Driving Behaviour in the Battery Aging of Electric Vehicles


AVILOO has conducted a comprehensive study on the influence of driver behaviour on battery aging in electric vehicles...

AVILOO Tips: Reduce the Risk of EV Battery Faults


AVILOO, expert in the field of battery diagnostics, provides valuable tips for optimum battery utilization.

AVILOO receives prestigious certification for FLASH Test from CARA Europe


In a new analysis, AVILOO confirms the assumptions of many electric car drivers: fast charging accelerates the aging of batteries - from the first fast charge onwards.

Cooperation DAT Expert Partner and AVILOO


DAT's expert organization can now also offer AVILOO battery tests for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

A UK aftermarket first!


Maverick Diagnostics brings the AVILOO box, an independent battery test for EVs & plug-in hybrids, to the UK.

First Measurement of Battery Degradation as a Function of the Fast-charging Rate


Maverick Diagnostics brings the AVILOO box, an independent battery test for EVs & plug-in hybrids, to the UK.

AVILOO: With the support of INVEST AG and the EIC to become the European market leader

June 1st, 2022

INVEST AG and the EIC Fund are investing in the successful Austrian e-tech start-up AVILOO to drive international expansion and make AVILOO the European market leader in battery diagnostics.

ADAC and AVILOO offer electric car battery test

May 17th, 2022

When buying a used electric car, it is advisable to assess the condition of the drive battery. Up to now, a diagnosis has not been possible, or only at great expense, via the manufacturers' authorized workshops...

GTÜ launches battery diagnostics for electric cars in Germany

February 2nd, 2022

Innovation for electric cars in cooperation with Austrian battery diagnostics pioneer AVILOO

AVILOO revolutionizes its battery test for electric vehicles in cooperation with ÖAMTC and lowers price to 99 EUR

October 10th, 2021

AVILOO is the world's first company to develop a manufacturer-independent diagnostic procedure for traction batteries in electric vehicles. In cooperation with the ÖAMTC...

AVILOO battery diagnostics now also TÜV AUSTRIA-tested

July 1st, 2021

The developers of the AVILOO battery diagnostics for electric and plug-in hybrid cars face the strict test criteria of TÜV AUSTRIA...

AVILOO battery diagnosis for E-cars also available from Birner KFZ

June 16th, 2021

As of now, the AVILOO battery diagnostic system for electric and plug-in hybrid cars is also available for car dealers and workshops via Birner...

ÖAMTC launches Austria-wide battery diagnosis for e-cars

May 28th, 2021

AVILOO is the world's first company to develop a manufacturer-independent diagnostic procedure for traction batteries in electric and...

AVILOO develops central software platform within the EU research project "Current Direct".

March 23rd, 2021

Current Direct is a new research and innovation project involving a consortium of thirteen companies, including AVILOO,...

Austrian startup develops first manufacturer-independent battery test for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

December 17th, 2020

After only 2 years of intensive research and development, the young Austrian startup AVILOO GmbH was able to develop an independent test method for Li batteries in electric and...

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