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A battery test provides clarity

Why you should do a battery test

We'll show you in less than 2 minutes what you need to know about battery aging in an electric or hybrid car - and why it makes sense to take the AVILOO Battery Test!

tips & tricks

2022-04-23 10:29
Full charge

Yes? No? If yes, then when?



2023-11-30 08:42
AVILOO Tips: Reduce the Risk of EV Battery Faults

AVILOO, expert in the field of battery diagnostics, provides valuable tips for optimum battery utilization.

2023-11-23 08:37
Comprehensive information: Knowledge about battery fires and battery defects

How can a fire occur? What measures can be taken to counteract this problem?

2023-09-06 07:38
Innovative improvements for business customers

AVILOO Battery Diagnostics has introduced significant innovations for business partners to make cooperation even more effective and customer-oriented.


2022-04-22 10:27
Why you should do a battery test

What you need to know about the aging of the battery of an electric or hybrid car....



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