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Long live your battery!

What causes stress to your battery.

Your electric car's traction battery is a lithium-ion chemical energy storage device that ages and weakens over time. However, aging is affected by some environmental factors that you should avoid as best you can.

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2022-04-23 10:29
Full charge

Yes? No? If yes, then when?



2024-05-16 15:17
Transparency through comparison: New era of diagnostics through benchmark analysis

AVILOO battery tests for electric vehicles open up a new era of diagnostics through benchmark analysis

2024-04-12 13:22
AVILOO Tech Show - Driving Behaviour

Watch our new video in which DI Nikolaus Mayerhofer, the AVILOO CTO, explains the results of our extensive study on the influence of driver behavior on the degradation of electric vehicles. We strive to contribute to transparency in the field of electromobility and provide you with informative insights!

2024-03-01 12:00
The main factor in buying and selling used electric vehicles

There is still a lot of skepticism among consumers when it comes to buying a used electric vehicle. A recent one from the renowned DAT...


2022-04-22 10:27
Why you should do a battery test

What you need to know about the aging of the battery of an electric or hybrid car....



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