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Long live your battery!

What causes stress to your battery.

Your electric car's traction battery is a lithium-ion chemical energy storage device that ages and weakens over time. However, aging is affected by some environmental factors that you should avoid as best you can.

tips & tricks

2022-04-23 10:29
Full charge

Yes? No? If yes, then when?



2023-11-30 08:42
AVILOO Tips: Reduce the Risk of EV Battery Faults

AVILOO, expert in the field of battery diagnostics, provides valuable tips for optimum battery utilization.

2023-09-06 07:38
Innovative improvements for business customers

AVILOO Battery Diagnostics has introduced significant innovations for business partners to make cooperation even more effective and customer-oriented.

2023-08-23 07:39
The secrets of battery health (SoH) - a look behind the scenes

We have never seen this before! During our daily work, we have investigated various cases. One electric vehicle that we tested in July 2023 stands out here and remains unforgotten!


2022-04-22 10:27
Why you should do a battery test

What you need to know about the aging of the battery of an electric or hybrid car....



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