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Healthy battery of an electric car

This will keep your battery healthy.

Tips for you to keep your electric car battery healthy and happy longer.

tips & tricks

2022-04-23 10:29
Full charge

Yes? No? If yes, then when?



2024-06-11 10:53
Which battery size is right for an electric car?

When purchasing an electric car, other criteria play a decisive role when compared to conventional combustion vehicles. One question that potential buyers might be concerned with is the battery size.

2024-05-24 14:11
AVILOO Tech Show - Heating/Climat & Energy Consumption

In extreme outdoor temperatures, heating and cooling the interior can significantly impact range and energy efficiency, as a new study by AVILOO has found. In this informative video, DI Nikolaus Mayerhofer, AVILOO CTO, explains the details.

2024-05-24 12:15
The Benefits of Upgrading: Cardino Supports Your Transition to the New Tesla Model

Cardino is committed to facilitating an effortless transition for Tesla owners eager to upgrade to the newest models.


2022-04-22 10:27
Why you should do a battery test

What you need to know about the aging of the battery of an electric or hybrid car....



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