Austrian startup develops first manufacturer-independent battery test for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

After only two years of intensive research and development, the young Austrian startup
AVILOO was able to develop an independent test procedure for Lithium-Ion
batteries in full electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles. Revolutionary: Battery diagnostics is
possible across all car manufacturers, making it comparable and usable as a highly
reputable tool for used EV evaluation.

„“With the AVILOO-Box and the AVILOO BatteryDataCloud Platform, we are currently
worldwide the only provider of a manufacturer-independent test procedure for EV
batteries,” emphasizes Wolfgang Berger, Founder and Managing Director of AVILOO,
“AVILOO thus closes a gap in the continuously growing EV second hand car market.”
The value of the batterie depends on the state of health (SoH) and thus is essential for
the vehicle value of a used EV, since the Lithium-Ion battery is the most expensive
component of the EV. Therefore, the AVILOO battery check should become a binding
standard when buying or selling used EVs. The AVILOO certificate documents the
battery's state of health and should help determine the residual value of the used EV. The
auto trade, insurance companies, financial service providers and of course, the
consumer benefits from this.

Nikolaus Mayerhofer, CTO, founder and product developer of the system, refers to the
importance of a battery check when buying a used electric car: "With combustion
engines it is easy to judge the fair value with the built year and the mileage. That is not
sufficient anymore for a used EV because here the battery usage is the factor for the
degradation and thus for the value."

Big interest in the development was confirmed at the first international negotiations in
the Netherlands, Norway and Asia. In Austria, the motoring club ÖAMTC is already
testing the AVILOO system in its e-competence centers and will roll it out together
with AVILOO this year. There is also a close cooperation with TÜV Rheinland.
The test is very simple in usage: When the procedure is started, the vehicle battery has
to be fully charged. The AVILOO Box is connected to the OBD interface, then the test
drive can start. While driving, the system is collecting data constantly and sends it to the
AVILOO BatteryDataCloud Platform. After finishing the test, the customer gets an
AVILOO Battery certificate with valuable information about the battery status.
The company is currently in the final validation phase of the test procedure before the
official market launch in March ´21.


Detailed information about the founders and the awards received by AVILOO GmbH.

Photos: AVILOO Photo Gallery
No 1 - The Managing Board, from left to right: Marcus Berger (COO/CFO), Nikolaus
Mayerhofer (CTO), Wolfgang Berger (CEO),
No 2 – Example of an AVILOO Certificate
No 3 – AVILOO-Box

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