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Enhanced battery diagnostics expertise and optimized user experience

Press Release

Wiener Neudorf 06. 09. 2023 - AVILOO Battery Diagnostics has introduced significant innovations for business partners to make collaboration even more effective and customer-oriented. Developments include the launch of a dedicated web store for business customers, the start of the training platform "AVILOO Academy", the implementation of an innovative prepaid option for the purchase of the FLASH test, and a completely new practical packaging of AVILOO test equipment. In addition, a customized partner certification program offering special business benefits to all participants is nearing its final development phase.

The web store developed specifically for business partners enables a more targeted selection of products and services tailored to the needs of business customers. Here, all steps from product selection to the purchase process can be easily completed.

To deepen the understanding of electric batteries and the underlying processes, AVILOO has launched the "AVILOO Academy". This educational platform offers business partners the opportunity to not only learn how to use battery testing, but also to expand their background knowledge of electric vehicle batteries and how the diagnostic equipment works.

AVILOO's CEO, Dr. Marcus Berger, emphasizes the strategic importance of strengthening B2B relationships and responding more quickly to customer needs: "Through these groundbreaking measures, AVILOO aims to simplify the purchasing and application process for business partners and increase customer satisfaction."

"The previous measures have already achieved outstanding results. In the course of the extensions to the Business Partner offerings, fruitful collaborations have also been established with prestigious partners such as an insurance group and renowned battery manufacturers from the Far East," as confirmed by CSO Wolfgang Berger.

The improvement of the B2B customer experience also led to an adaptation of the packaging for the test devices. The revised packaging is more robust, user-friendly, and offers more convenience. It contains the AVILOO box as well as the appropriate cables for various vehicle types.

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