We Love Batteries!

The AVILOO Battery Test helps to ensure that e-car batteries remain efficient for longer. Necessary repairs are indicated early, before the entire battery is damaged or has to be completely replaced.


Our Mission:
Sustainability through
battery tests!

We use self-developed high-tech to measure every traction battery as soon as a new electric car comes onto the market. We test battery cells independently under extreme conditions in our laboratory and monitor not only the company’s internal fleet but also customer’s electric vehicles 24/7.

This allows us to determine exactly the health and condition of your car’s battery.
For example, the test identifies battery cells with reduced performance, which weaken the overall performance of the battery. Or you may find out after purchasing a test that the battery health of the used car is excellent, and you can finally buy your dream car with full confidence.

And when you resell your used e-car, the health of the battery is decisive for the value of the vehicle – the AVILOO Battery Test provides clarity!


Battery Analysis
at a Glance

1. Engineering for every type of battery

We decipher and interpret data from batteries, regardless of whether they are in electric cars, on ships, or in stationary systems – our engineering team implements and decodes every current CAN-Bus protocol and configures the powerful multi-faceted AVILOO Box for every application. Whether a new car model, new house battery, or ship battery – we unlock the secrets from every battery.

2. Connectivity for every need

With the AVILOO BOX we offer a high-tech solution for the generation of measurements and data in stationary and mobile areas of application – for state of the art monitoring that is tailored to customer needs and can be used modularly.

3. Datacheck in the AVILOO Portal

The super-fast and user-friendly AVILOO Portal enables a configurable view of the millions of collected data points with just a few clicks. Our experts can quickly and efficiently check the required configurations and monitor the battery tests – so that you can rely on the results!


4. Battery analysis with a big-data treatment

The heart of the battery analysis is the AVILOO estimator – a powerful machine learning algorithm with billions of collected data points that become smarter and more precise with every battery test. The data is backed up in real time according to the highest standards and processed and saved effortlessly in the AVILOO Datacloud.

5. Objective and reliable results

Every result is automatically checked and cross-referenced several times for the highest quality standards. If a result falls even marginally out of our precisely calibrated range of possibilities, it is checked and validated manually by AVILOO data analysts. Thus, every AVILOO certificate is not only objective and exact, but also 100% trustworthy.


AVILOO to go -
take some information with you!

Here you can find all the important information about AVILOO at a glance in our crisp two-pager.

Here you can find a test certificate for the AVILOO battery test with information on the values determined and their meanings.