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Due to their business processes, leasing companies need a fast, reliable, and objective determination of the actual condition of the vehicle returned from leasing. Especially for this occasion, we have developed AVILOO FLASH Test, a test that analyzes the basic parameters of the battery condition in a few minutes. The test results are clearly and precisely presented in the report, which is generated immediately after the test is completed. AVILOO FLASH Test is an efficient and easy way to perform basic battery performance checks!

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Insurance for the future?

Provided you are an insurance company with vision and have already started to develop specific products for electric vehicles, you will certainly be interested in including the SoH test in the risk calculation. We have a great solution for you! AVILOO PREMIUM Battery Test is a detailed SoH analysis of the battery of an electric car, based on real data thanks to a unique testing method. The results of the analysis of the data collected during the test are presented accurately, simply and clearly in the AVILOO Certificate.

It's that simple!

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Der AVILOO PREMIUM Battery test und AVILOO Flash, cross-manufacturer, independent and reliable.

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