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Batteries get weaker

Regardless of battery type – whether a cell phone battery or a high-voltage electric car battery – lithium batteries are chemical energy storers that lose their storage capacity when they are used. The AVILOO Batterytest provides certainty and clear value. 


The traction battery is a chemical energy storer – like a cell phone battery, it ages through normal use and through storage - and loses its storage capacity over time.


The frequency of charging leads to a loss of performance. It is also relevant how the battery is charged – a full charge up to 100% stresses your battery more than if it is only charged up to 80%


Careful driving and avoiding a lead foot during acceleration reduces the wear and tear of the battery and extends its lifespan


A test provides clarity.

The AVILOO Batterytest is precise and trustworthy – we measure the behavior of the battery during the test drive and analyze millions of data points for your results. You need to charge your battery fully to 100% before start and at least reach the level of 10% state of charge at the end of your testdrive. The results are compactly summarized in your AVILOO Certificate.

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We love batteries. That is why we also know how to carefully handle them. We are happy to share tips with you on how to keep the battery of your electric car in top condition. It is never too late to start!