You are interested in an electric vehicle whose traction battery (high-voltage battery) has passed the AVILOO FLASH Test.

This is important because the traction battery is the most expensive component of any electric car.

A vehicle with a healthy battery will give you long-lasting enjoyment, make your journey safer and increase your satisfaction - after all, you're not buying a pig in a poke.

The AVILOO FLASH Test is the fastest, comprehensive battery test in the world, which determines the functionality of the traction battery from various points of view.

It offers you transparency, safety and basic technical information about your vehicle's traction battery to make your decision easier.

The result is presented numerically in the AVILOO Report by the manufacturer-independent AVILOO Score and calculated on the basis of a large amount of test data (current measured values combined with historical data).


If you are interested in this vehicle, we recommend that you contact the owner directly and request the original report .

AVILOO SCORE: The higher the score, the better the battery condition. In the event of substantial risks, the FLASH test provides a "red flag" report with specific information on the type and nature of the fault.

Use and history of the high-voltage battery: BMS estimated state of health, average consumption, fast charge cycles and normal charge cycles, SoC and DoD histogram, equalization times and full battery cycles

Performance of the high-voltage battery: battery utilization, insulation resistance, HV voltage, battery temperature, cell voltage, cell temperature.

High-voltage battery control unit: It is tested whether the estimated battery SoC is correct, whether the read-out health status (see below) is plausible, whether the cell SoCs are correct and the cell SoHs are plausible, whether all temperature sensors and cell voltage sensors are OK.

Vehicle communication interface: It is tested whether all required signals are available and plausible, whether the sampling rate of the individual signals is correct and whether the signal quality meets the requirements.

State of Health (SoH): The state of health is read from the manufacturer's own battery management system.

An example of the complete FLASH Test Report:

Discover the benefits of an AVILOO FLASH tested vehicle!

AVILOO Battery Diagnostics, synonymous with transparency in traction batteries, is the developer of world-leading battery diagnostics for electric and plug-in hybrid cars, operating throughout the EU market and beyond.

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