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Discover the latest innovations in battery diagnostics for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids now! Our outstanding solutions enable quick and easy determination of battery health, specifically designed for vehicle fleets. With our advanced technologies, you can keep track of your batteries' health at all times, reducing your fleet's operating costs. Take advantage of these breakthrough solutions now and optimize the efficiency of your electric vehicle fleet!


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Your business requirements are known to us!

In recent years, many companies have switched to electric motorization for their company vehicles, but also for machines. The number of companies using electric power has increased and with it the demand to test the batteries of the vehicles and various installations quickly and cost-effectively.

Your business requirements are known to us! That is why we offer you individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs. We understand your requirements and help you achieve your goals.

AVILOO FLASH Test - The Perfect Solution!

The AVILOO FLASH Test is perfect for this - it is accurate, easy to handle, reliable and done within 3 minutes. Existing AVILOO customers, such as the Austrian Post, therefore use our tests to efficiently check a large number of electric vehicles. By regularly checking the traction batteries, companies can not only minimize the risk of complications during delivery, but also reduce costs.

Additionally, our PREMIUM Test can be applied regularly to elicit SoH from the battery. Even if the FLASH test shows a bad score, the PREMIUM test can help to identify specific weak points.

Monitoring & Field data

We provide valuable support to companies through our monitoring services and field data processing. These services enable you to continuously monitor the operation of your equipment and optimize your business processes.

If several electrically operated machines or vehicles are in use, permanent monitoring is required to keep all processes running. AVILOO supports customer companies in maintaining an overview. By collecting and delivering comprehensive battery field data, we offer the possibility to view real data about the drive batteries of your vehicles in the AVILOO Battery Cloud at any time. By regularly monitoring and checking, companies can not only minimize the risk of delivery complications, but also optimize route planning.

Our solutions provide you with valuable insights into the consumption and use of your assets to make them more efficient and profitable. Rely on our services and benefit from our innovative technologies!


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Battery field data

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AVILOO Reverse Engineering, Ing. Lukas Gos

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360°-Ansatz - umfassend & vollständig; DI Nikolaus Mayerhofer, CTO

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AVILOO Algorithmus & Weiterentwicklung, Patrick Schabus MSc

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Within one hour, you will learn everything about the

AVILOO FLASH test and battery diagnosis.

The next webinar starts on: 25.04.2024 10:00 - 11:00 CET (Deutsch)

The value of our technology is measured by the satisfaction of those who have tried it:

I have to tell you: I have no other comparable device that works so simply and intuitively and is so well thought out. The battery test is quick and easy and by the time I get back to my desk, the report is already on the computer. With the SIM card in the device - you simply can't beat that. No annoying plugging in and problems with data retrieval / synchronization - no matter how quickly you return to the office from the test vehicle, the test result is already on the computer. So I'm more than satisfied, I'm thrilled with the device!

— Klemens Neher
Serviceleitung Auto-Team
Denzel AG

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We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with the AVILOO team. Thanks to their comprehensive support, we were able to integrate AVILOO‘s battery diagnostics system into our existing structure quickly and easily.

— Eva Rothe
Commercial Director Arval Deutschland


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