Check the battery now with AVILOO FLASH Test.


The AVILOO FLASH Test is a quick test for professional users that comprehensively determines the functionality of traction batteries.


The AVILOO FLASH test takes only 3 minutes. The test can therefore be performed quickly - even with a larger number of cars.


The AVILOO FLASH test provides a comprehensive analysis of the functionality of the traction battery without moving the vehicle. This is optimal, for example, for testing lease returns.


The manufacturer-independent AVILOO Score is based on a wide range of test data and is a combination of current measured values and historical data. Thus, total energy consumption, the number of charging and full cycles, driving behavior, etc. are interpreted by BIG DATA applications and integrated into the AVILOO Score.

The higher the score, the better the battery condition. For substantial risks, the FLASH test provides a "Red Flag" report, with specific indications of the nature and type of fault.


The FLASH test measures several parameters in different test categories:

Vehicle communication: it is tested if all required signals are available and plausible, if the sampling rate of each signal is correct and if the signal quality meets the requirements

Battery controller: it is tested if the estimated battery SoC is correct, if the estimated battery SoH is plausible, if the cell SoC's are correct and the cell SoH's are plausible, if all temperature sensors as well as cell voltage sensors are OK

HV battery state: Battery current, battery voltage, cell voltage deviation and cell temperature deviation

Battery history: BMS estimated health, average consumption, fast charge cycles and normal charge cycles, SoC and DoD histogram, equalization times and full battery cycles


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FLASH Test Prepaid

Here you can order the AVILOO FLASH Test Prepaid directly.


The FLASH test is very simple to perform: Connect the AVILOO box to the vehicle's OBD interface and switch on the vehicle. Three minutes later the test is finished.


Start the test by connecting the AVILOO Box

to your car's OBD port.


Your car establishes a connection with the AVILOO Box.

(Yellow LED lights up!)


Your AVILOO Box will now light up green.


Your FLASH test is now finished!

FLASH Test - Bedeutung & Benefits, DI Nikolaus Mayerhofer, CTO

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AVILOO Reverse Engineering, Ing. Lukas Gos

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AVILOO Algorithmus & Weiterentwicklung, Patrick Schabus MSc

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A tempting offer for all business customers - to order and pay for our innovative and accurate FLASH Tests in advance for one year.

With the new prepaid purchase option, we offer companies the opportunity to secure a stock of FLASH Tests with just one order, and thus have a FLASH Test at hand at any time at an attractive price.
Companies that use electrically powered vehicles, leasing companies, workshops or used car dealers require a larger number of FLASH tests over a period of one year - the new prepaid option is ideal for these purposes.
You can easily order the package of 100, 300, 500 or 1000 pieces of FLASH tests that is tailored to your use. The ordered package will be invoiced at the same time and can be used flexibly for a period of 12 months afterwards. In addition, there is the possibility of transferring unused tests to the subsequent package, provided this has been agreed with AVILOO in advance. This eliminates the risk that part of the investment remains unused.
The new prepaid purchase option brings more flexibility to the application and impresses with its inexpensive unit costs. Connect to detect.


Within one hour, you will learn everything about the

AVILOO FLASH test and battery diagnosis.

The next webinar starts on: 29.02.2024 10:00 - 11:00 CET (Deutsch)

The value of our technology is measured by the satisfaction of those who have tried it:

Customers cite the speed of the test as a primary test attribute and see the FLASH battery test as an optimal way to perform a quick diagnosis and battery evaluation.

Our leasing customers find that the test is a real added value, as it can be integrated very well into the rather busy workflow of a lease return. Automotive workshops appreciate the good overview that the test gives of the condition of a traction battery; if they need even more detailed parameters, for example a measured SoH, they follow up with the PREMIUM battery test. The measured parameters are considered to be highly relevant and the data obtained is judged to be excellent for the job.

Users find that the test can be performed spontaneously and the result is available quite quickly. The test was also readily accepted for its practicality and simplicity, as the battery condition is expressed with only one number ("AVILOO Score" note). This makes it easy to understand even for end users.



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