We are especially pleased when we meet the high standards of an appraiser.

Experts / appraisers require special expertise and quality from their technology partner in order to adequately fulfill their task. For battery analysis, we meet these requirements in every segment. The high-end device AVILOO Box is a TÜV-certified battery power meter that is easy to use and requires no special tools. AVILOO platform, operating on a machine learning system and determining SoH algorithms, is a source of valuable information obtained in the field and performed under real conditions. Part of the package for reviewers is certainly our expertise, based on the unique technology and many years of experience of our team of experts.

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Der AVILOO PREMIUM Battery test, cross-manufacturer, independent and reliable.

As a consumer I have had bad experiences with false and overpriced battery certificates directly from the vehicle manufacturer. Therefore, when I started my business as a freelance automotive expert, it was clear that there was a great need for independent and certified testing methods in the field of "SOH determination of high-voltage batteries". I would like to make these available to my customers and have been able to win AVILOO as a competent partner for this purpose. I am pleased that my customers can determine their battery health themselves through this cooperation and thus always know exactly how their high-voltage battery is doing, regardless of whether they are buying or selling a car or are about to expire the manufacturer's warranty.

— Patrick Hinkämper
Geprüfter KFZ-Sachverständiger (DESAG) HP-Fahrzeugtechnik
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