About us


Who we are


AVILOO is the specialist for battery diagnostic in electric vehicles


The company has developed an independent testing system for batteries in electric vehicles which will be available on the market soon.

AVILOO is a start-up based in Austria, close to the capital Vienna. AVILOO was founded by Wolfgang Berger and Nikolaus Mayerhofer with the ambition to bring an independent battery test to the market, taking out the uncertainty of a purchase of a used electric vehicle

We are convinced that an independent battery test is necessary for a thriving used car market with stable reselling values of used EVs. A well-functioning used car market on the other side is the prerequisite for booming sales numbers for new EVs.

AVILOO is supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.

What we do

AVILOO develops a testing system for Li-Batteries in EVs. The system only requires a short test drive. The customer receives a battery certificate with the AVILOO Rating. The AVILOO rating gives the customer an independent and comparable assessment of the vehicle’s battery.


Wolfgang Berger


Nikolaus Mayerhofer


Marcus Berger