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The AVILOO battery tests are an interesting and almost essential investment for used car dealers. In order to resell used electric as well as plug-in hybrid cars, the dealer needs to know about the health condition of the electric battery. This provides numerous advantages.


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When buying or selling a used electric vehicle, there is no way around testing the battery to check its condition. Both the buyer and the dealer should know about the quality of the battery, so that no misunderstandings arise in a business transaction or later risks arise.

In addition, as a car dealer, you can sell your vehicles faster if you can prove that the battery has been checked. After all, if in doubt, who wouldn't choose the vehicle whose battery has already been thoroughly tested?

For you as a used car dealer, this means not only an acceleration of sales, but also a much lower risk of being confronted with complaints regarding the battery at a later stage.

Are you about to sell your electric car? Ideally quickly and at the best price?

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AVILOO battery tests are reliable and therefore provide a safe and reliable result, so you can also provide your customers with a safe ride with the used car.

After applying one of battery tests, you will receive the result in the form of a certificate or report, which you can present as a confirmation of quality.

The security this provides to future buyers promotes interest and faster sale of the electric car.

AVILOO Reverse Engineering, Ing. Lukas Gos

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360°-Ansatz - umfassend & vollständig; DI Nikolaus Mayerhofer, CTO

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AVILOO Algorithmus & Weiterentwicklung, Patrick Schabus MSc

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Within one hour, you will learn everything about the

AVILOO FLASH test and battery diagnosis.

The next webinar starts on: 23.05.2024 10:00 - 11:00 CET (English)

The value of our technology is measured by the satisfaction of those who have tried it:

I have to tell you: I have no other comparable device that works so simply and intuitively and is so well thought out. The battery test is quick and easy and by the time I get back to my desk, the report is already on the computer. With the SIM card in the device - you simply can't beat that. No annoying plugging in and problems with data retrieval / synchronization - no matter how quickly you return to the office from the test vehicle, the test result is already on the computer. So I'm more than satisfied, I'm thrilled with the device!

— Klemens Neher
Serviceleitung Auto-Team

We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with the AVILOO team. Thanks to their comprehensive support, we were able to integrate AVILOO‘s battery diagnostics system into our existing structure quickly and easily.

— Eva Rothe
Commercial Director Arval Deutschland

Great product, simple to use to assess EV battery health, everything you need in the kit plus great support from the team when required. Recommend.

— Simon Acton
Managing Director Nex Eco Car


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