You sell used cars and want to:

  1. differentiate yourself from the competition by the quality of your service?
  2. foster your customers' trust through a transparent approach?
  3. earn more by selling proven quality vehicles?

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Der AVILOO PREMIUM Battery test, cross-manufacturer, independent and reliable.


AVILOO PREMIUM Battery Test is a detailed SoH analysis of your electric car's battery, based on real data thanks to a unique testing method. The test lasts as long as it takes you to bring a 100% charged battery to at least 10%. The results of the analysis of the data collected during the test are presented simply and clearly in the AVILOO Battery Certificate.

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The value of our test is measured by the satisfaction of those who have tried it:

I am pleased that my customers can determine their battery health themselves through this cooperation with AVILOO and thus always know exactly how their high-voltage battery is doing.

— Patrick Hinkämper
Geprüfter KFZ-Sachverständiger (DESAG) HP-Fahrzeugtechnik

A start up of a special kind, with people in management who appreciate the holistic approach to life. Highly recommended!

— Peter Beingrübl

AVILOO's team is great, and we are really enjoying working with them! They listen to our needs, provide solutions, and create transparency with their Battery Certificates. By showing our customers the true health of the battery, our customers know what they are buying which makes them choose Carla.

— Axel Lindner

Great product, simple to use to assess EV battery health, everything you need in the kit plus great support from the team when required. Recommend.

— Simon Acton
Managing Director Next Eco Car
Hansjörg Mayr, CDO, Wolfgang Denzel Auto AG

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Georg Giglinger from Enercab tests our AVILOO Battery Test

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Instadriver - 514,000 km battery (SOH) test | How long does an electric car last?

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