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The independent AVILOO Battery Test reveals everything about the health of your electric vehicle's battery.


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What to watch out for when buying and selling a car

A growing market for used electric and plug-in hybrid cars is advantageous to both buyers and sellers. However, choosing the right model for your needs is not always easy. In addition, the value of the electric battery can account for up to 50% of the total value of your e-car. Caution is advised.

When making a purchase decision following a test drive, you should pay attention to these points:


General criteria that you should consider:

Complete Service Record

Was all the mandatory maintenance carried out in a specialist workshop?

Inspection Report

Is the official report from the last inspection available? Are any defects noted in it?

General Condition

Is there any wear or damage visible? This is frequently an indication of how the previous owner handled the vehicle.

Condition of the Breaks

Thanks to energy recovery (recuperation), the brakes on electric cars are less worn than on cars with combustion engines. Watch out for signs of corrosion that can occur due to less frequent use.

Degree of Tire Wear

Electric cars offer full torque from the first acceleration – it’s fun, but can lead to greater tire wear. So it’s best to look for the indicators of wear on the tyres and not just pay attention to their age.

These points should also be observed for electric and hybrid cars:

Power Lines

You should watch out for damage and signs of animal bites on the high-voltage cables in the engine compartment, which are mostly orange. But stay away from all orange cables, they carry high voltage!

Heating and Air Conditioning

Many electric cars have a heat pump for heating support in order to increase overall efficiency. Therefore, you should be able to check the functionality of it while standing.

Charging Cables and Accessories

Are all charging cables originally supplied by the manufacturer still present and in good condition? It’s best to test it with a quick charge if possible. Replacement can be expensive, a new type 2 charging cable costs several hundred euros.

Traction Battery

If all the previous checks are satisfactory, the question remains if the battery is still in good shape. You should not rely on the charge status display or range estimates. Only an independent and precise test of the battery health will give you clarity about the state of the battery!

The AVILOO Battery Cloud evaluates millions of complex pieces of data of the battery condition, and intelligent algorithms calculate the battery’s health.

The test process itself is as simple as possible: After your car has been charged, you start the AVILOO test on the web app via a link, plug the AVILOO box into the OBD connector of your vehicle and drive off. After the drive and discharge of the battery, you complete the test at the push of a button and we will send you your certificate within 2 business days after a thorough data check.


The AVILOO Battery Test is that easy!

  • Select your vehicle and order the battery test!
  • Charge your car to the max!
  • Start the test in the web app! You will receive the link via email.
  • Connect the AVILOO Box to your car!
  • Confirm the start of your test drive and drive off!
  • End the test drive and give yourself a break!
  • We will send you the AVILOO certificate by email within 2 business days!


A test provides clarity.

The AVILOO Battery Test is precise and trustworthy – we measure the behavior of the battery during the test drive and analyze millions of data points for your results. You need to charge your battery fully to 100% before starting and at least reach the level of 10% state of charge at the end of your test drive. The results are compactly summarized in your AVILOO Certificate.

For Buyers and Sellers

  • absolute certainty about usable energy
  • definite clarity about the state of health
  • independent AVILOO Certificate for your vehicle


What else would you like to know about the AVILOO Battery Test?

Do you have to make changes to the vehicle?

No. The AVILOO Box is connected to the OBDII-Port of your electric or plug-in hybrid car using the cable provided. There is no need to intervene in the vehicle electronics.

Do I need tools to assemble the AVILOO Box?

The OBDII port is freely accessible on most vehicles and the AVILOO Box can easily be connected to the OBDII port using the cable supplied. Exception: Tesla vehicles require a special connection cable, also provided, which can be plugged into the bus-line after removing a plastic panel in the center console.


Why do I need an AVILOO Battery Test?

A battery test provides information about the health of the electric vehicle battery in your electric or plug-in hybrid car. The condition of a battery indicates how much energy you can still use for driving at the time of the test in comparison to the condition of a new battery according to the manufacturer.

Manufacturers of e-cars guarantee a certain capacity according to mileage of years. Is the AVILOO battery certificate helpful in enforcing warranty claims?

Every manufacturer or importer decides for himself whether he recognizes an external certificate. Since we measure with the sensors installed by the manufacturer, our analysis results can also be reproduced for the manufacturer if the worst comes to worst. We have also received feedback form customers that our battery certificate made it easier to complain about a battery defect to the manufacturer.

Are there already dealers who offer an AVILOO certificate during purchases?

AVILOO is at the starting line – our battery test can currently be ordered by private and corporate customers for all of Austria and from May 2021, the entire EU. If you have a used vehicle in mind, it is best to ask your dealer about the AVILOO battery certificate. The dealer should conduct the test beforehand.

Through which trustworthy organization was the AVILOO test procedure and the correctness of the data on the certificate verified?

Our hardware: The AVILOO Box is TÜV-certified. Our company will soon be ISO certified. The measurement method has been verified in numerous tests and is very reliable. We have also been working with TÜV for a long time. A TÜV seal of approval for our certificate is in the works.

When can I take the test?

You can perform the AVILOO Battery Test at any time after you have ordered and received the AVILOO Box. Regardless of whether it is snowing, storming, or the sun is shining – thanks to the temperature compensation of the AVILOO algorithm, the battery health is always converted for the ideal temperature of 20 degrees.

Does my car’s battery need to be fully charged when the test starts?

The battery of your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle must be fully charged before the test can begin – in most cases this corresponds to a displayed charge level of 100%. Exception: If the vehicle shows less than 100% charge status despite a full charge, it will be queried in the AVILOO test app during the test initialization (currently only known for models from the manufacturer Tesla).

What is measured during the Battery Test?

The AVILOO Battery Test provides information about the health of the battery. A result of 100% means that the energy actually expended during the test corresponds to the usable energy of a new battery, according to the manufacturer.

How do I start the Battery Test?

Immediately after ordering the AVILOO Battery Test in the webshop at, we will configure your AVILOO Box specifically for your vehicle. After this step, the box will be shipped and you will receive an email from us with a link to the AVILOO test app, which you need to start the test when the AVILOO Box is set in operation. It is best to charge your mobile phone in addition to your electric vehicle battery before starting the test. If the AVILOO Box is connected to the car, tap the link in the email to start the AVILOO test app (web-based, no installation required). We will guide you through all the other steps with the AVILOO test app – after about 3 minutes you are ready to go!

What happens during the test drive?

During the test drive, millions of data points are retrieved for battery analysis, including the battery level, power, voltage, and temperature. After you have plugged in the AVILOO Box, connected the AVILOO Box, and started the test, we will accompany you through the entire test drive with information via email/SMS and in the info screen of the AVILOO test app. Thus, we are always with you and will let you know when you have reached your destination (charge level 10%). And that’s it – when we have recorded the data on the discharge from 100% to 10%, you can sit back, relax, and charge your battery. The AVILOO certificate arrives conveniently by email within 2 business days.

Can I take a break during the test drive?

Of course you can. Regardless of whether you want to stop for a cup of coffee or take a break to relax – the AVILOO Battery Test simply continues to run as long as you do not interrupt your journey for more than 90 minutes at a time.

I cannot finish the test drive as planned. What now?

Unforeseen things always happen in life. Regardless of whether you have to end the test drive early because of an urgent appointment or you are simply too tired for the rest of the planned route and thus cannot reach the required charge level of 10% - you can simply repeat the test again after the next full charge at no additional cost.

How long does the AVILOO Battery Test take?

The test duration depends on the storage capacity of your battery. In order to achieve the goal of the test drive (battery level of 10%), 3 hours should be planned for electric cars with a long range (such as the Tesla Model S). If you do not need to worry about the total range of your drive, you can accelerate the discharge of the battery in question by using additional appliances such as air conditioning or heating. Then of course it’s faster.

Do I have to drive during the Battery Test?

The easiest way to discharge a fully charged battery is to drive. However, you can make greater use of appliances such as the heating / rear window heating or the air conditioning when the outside temperature is warmer. This significantly reduces the range or, in other words, the required driving time.

What do I need for a Battery Test?

Not much! A fully charged car, an AVILOO Box (you will receive the box after ordering the batterytest), your mobile phone with the link to the AVILOO test app from the email we sent you, some time for the journey, and a good mood!

How much does the Battery Test cost?

The AVILOO Battery Test for private customers costs €180 including VAT. In addition to the shipping and return fees for the AVILOO equipment, your purchase includes the delivery of the AVILOO Box, the analysis and evaluation of the data from the test drive, the test support before, during, and after the test drive, and of course the AVILOO battery certificate – it confirms the exact health of your battery.

Which vehicles are offered?

We strive to provide for all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles on the market. In our webshop at you will find all models for which we offer the AVILOO Battery Test. Isn’t your car with you? Then send us a short request in the chat on the website or an email to, or just give us a call at 02236 374 036 036. We will find a solution for every electric or plug-in hybrid car!


Do I absolutely need a mobile phone for the AVILOO Battery Test?

In addition to the plugged-in AVILOO box, the start of the AVILOO Battery Test required a web-enabled device on which the web-based AVILOO test app can be accessed in the browser. If you don’t have your mobile phone with you, you can also start the test with your tablet or laptop. Of course, it is easier with your internet-enabled mobile phone, because the AVILOO test app has also been optimized for the most popular smartphone display sizes of the last 5 years.

Can there be additional costs for the AVILOO Battery Test?

We offer with the AVILOO Battery Test (180€ incl. VAT) an all-inclusive, all-around happy package. There are no hidden costs for data transfer, time-consuming evaluations and data corrections, or the use of our qualified support team (1st and 2nd level). In every case, we check the health of your battery without endangering the health of your wallet.